Sunday, April 3, 2011

Secret garden

Tengok cite ni weyh. SERIUS BEST! Abislaaaaaaa aku. Dahlah banyak keje ni, boleh pulak aku dok melayan cerita ni.

style la Gil Ra Im ni. hohoho

ni sinopsis dia. baca ahhhh. best best best!! cerita ni kelakar. sakit perut aku gelak. ahahhahhahahahahaha

Cast: , , , 
Plot: Ha Ji Won plays , a humble young stuntwoman who lives in a shoddy part of town with her roommate  (played by ). Hyun Bin plays rich chaebol , a department store owner who is the cousin of an aging Hallyu star Oska (Yoon Sang Hyun). Oska is still in love with  (played by Kim Sa Rang), who dumped him ages ago because he wasn’t the rich kind of man she was looking for.  comes back in his life, not to reunite, but to marry his cousin Joo Won. Joo Won couldn’t care less for Seul, because against his will, he has fallen for the intimidating and eternally sullen and complicated Gil Ra Im. Kim Joo Won can’t accept Gil Ra Im for his woman since she is not of his social class, but he keeps seeking her out because he can’t get her out of his mind anyways. Gil Ra Im, on the other hand, ignores her feelings towards Joo Won and focuses on Oska instead, whom she has been idolizing for years. Oska, for his part, is flattered by her attention and seeks her out to spite Seul.
One day, Oska and Joo Won decide to race each other. Ra Im joins them. In the middle of the race, Ra Im loses her way in the forest. Nearing the end of the race, Joo Won keeps looking backwards to find Ra Im, but cannot see her. He hears a scream in his earpiece, and it seems to be coming from Ra Im. He stops in his tracks and goes into the forest to find her, while Oska organizes a search for her. He finds her in the mysterious forest, and they come upon an old dilapidated cabin. An old woman serves them food and gives them wine. After leaving the forest, the two of them think of each other and their complicated relationship, and drink the traditional wine.
When they wake, Joo Won finds himself in Ra Im’s body in a women’s sauna. Ra Im finds herself in Joo Won’s body, in his hotel room, sleeping beside her beloved Oska.

 ini director apa ntah nama dia. tapi dia cool. huhuu


 suweeeeeeeeeeeeetttt ^^

ok bai. aku nak sambung tengok balik. sekarang ni baru episod 8. semua sekali ada 20 episod. Aku tak saba nak abiskan ni. haha

*abislaaaaa abisssssslaaaaaaaaaaa. bila nak buat esaimen ni. =.='

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